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Your Pride and Joy | Your New Home

There is no Better Feeling than Buying your First


Everyone dreams of it.  It’s something everyone wants.  Home ownership.  If you have yet to experience owning your own home, I will be the first to tell you, there is no better feeling.  I will admit, it can be a bit overwhelming at the closing table.  The MOUND of paperwork you are facing may seem a bit like you are signing your life away.  But in all actuality, this is where life can really BEGIN.

So yes, you probably had to sign your name easily 100 times, but with each signature you know you are closer to having the keys to your new home- YOUR VERY OWN home handed to you.  The drive from the closing to your new home is filled with much awaited excitement- to turn the lock and have the door open, it is yours.  Bye- bye mean old landlord, bye bye astronomical pet fees, and see ya- wouldn’t want to be ya- to the stoner neighbor that played his music way too loud, way too late.

And then the  joy of looking at all of your boxes.  Those pain in the butt boxes that took forever to pack and seal, are now exciting.  Where to put all of your belongings? Choosing their new location ever so precisely- it’s all just a great great feeling.

While home ownership does come with added responsibilities and sometimes added costs (when the refrigerator breaks down or the AC isn’t cooling so well), you will also be building equity.  Each payment you make will be socking away just a little bit more than the previous.  As the years go on, your payment will be helping more and more towards your retirement.  Knowing that you are building towards your future, and not Mr. Landlord’s is so self satisfying.

Home ownership also means new and lasting memories.  Think back to when you were a child.  Think about your home.  Are your memories fond? I hope that they were.  I can remember the rust colored shag carpet and the long hallway to my bedroom, I remember how my childhood home smelled.  I remember laying in bed with the windows open at night, feeling the cool evening breeze and listening to the locusts hum.  There is just something about having a home that burns images deep into your memory.  Because it was yours and no one else’s. It feels safe, and most importantly (especially to a child) it feels secure.

If you have been yearning for the feeling of owning your very own little slice of security anywhere in Baldwin County Alabama- get in touch, I’d love nothing more than to be the person that helps make that dream come true.  If the thought of home ownership is a little scary, or you think there are reasons you can’t own a home, check out my post about how sometimes there are myths about buying a house that aren’t necessarily true- Home ownership is possible for everyone if it’s something you really want.